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Time Clock Set-Up

STEP 1:  Connecting your time clock to a standard ANALOG phone line (Instructions Manual - page 4):

1.  Connect your time clock(s) to an ANALOG phone line via the phone ports located on the top of the time clock. (Do not connect the unit to a digital phone line.)

Tip:  Create a partnership between the time clock and your fax machine.

Connect your regular phone or fax line via the remaining unused phone port.

STEP 2:  (If necessary) Add a prefix to your time clock for phone lines requiring a "Dial 9 first" prefix or otherwise.

1. To setup your phone line prefix, refer to the instructions found in the time clock Instruction Manual on page 5.

STEP 3:  Press "9" on the time clock keypad to start your first clock transmit.

STEP 4:  (If necessary)  If your time clock display indicates that the time clock did not transmit, press "9" again, then refer to the clock display message information on page 6 of the Instruction Manual.

STEP 5:  Move ahead to "User Training" using the links at the top of the page.


Time Clock Set-Up | User Training | Import Employees | "How-To" Pages
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