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Attendance on Demand Compliance

Compliance with Federal Regulations
Our labor management specialists stay abreast of developments in labor laws and trends that impact your business. Regulations are easier to comply with using Attendance on Demand.

The time and attendance service:

  • Calculates FLSA-compliant overtime wages using the calculation method that you prefer—automatically
  • Tracks employee FMLA eligibility, as well as the FMLA hours taken
  • Is pursuing an SAS 70 Type II audit to ensure customers of adequate financial controls under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Precise Timekeeping
Attendance on Demand maintains precise time calculations using the nation's standard time and frequency reference for the U.S. Government: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) master clock. This means all your employee time and attendance records are based on the most precise timekeeping available.

Overtime Tracking for FLSA Compliance
Attendance on Demand helps your organization comply with the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), especially as it relates to overtime pay, and avoid costly litigation.

Remember, the burden of proof is 100% on the employer to comply with FLSA regulations. Many employee groups have filed, and won, suits against for-profit and non-profit organizations for underpayment of overtime. This can be costly for your organization. Penalties include retroactive payments of twice the amount of overtime owed, along with legal fees.

Attendance on Demand simplifies FLSA-compliant overtime calculation and maintains accurate employee attendance records, for better protection against this type of legal action.

Meet Union Regulations
Attendance on Demand helps you stay in compliance with union bargaining agreements.

You can fairly and accurately enforce:

  • Complex pay rate tables
  • Leave management policies
  • Reporting regulations
  • Guidelines for archiving labor and wage data

For example, Attendance on Demand helps employers customize leave request routing and approvals based on a company’s unique business processes. Most importantly, employers easily access consolidated time off information for analysis, reporting, and compliance.

More Information
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  Integration | Security | Compliance | Ease of Use | No IT Costs | A Good Fit
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