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Employee Payroll Direct Deposit

SPP will gladly setup your employees' payroll on direct deposit, saving both you and your employee's time and money. SPP incorporates the ACH (automated clearing house) system and can electronically deposit funds in to any bank that also participates in ACH.

Your employees receive access to our employee web portal which allows employees to see pay stub information online or if you prefer we will send a PDF copy of their pay stub. The actual funds from the check are deposited in to the participating bank of their choice and in to the account of their choice.

Direct deposit employees have the luxury of never having to go to the bank and waiting in line to cash or deposit a payroll check. Direct deposit payroll funds can be split between accounts at almost any bank, for example, you have an employee that wants to automatically deposit 10% of their net wages in to their savings account and the remaining 90% in to their checking account. Consider it done! Because direct deposit utilizes the ACH method of electronically transferring funds, there are less "hands" involved in the transaction and less opportunity for payroll information to be shared with others. Direct deposit is the safest method to pay your employees. It is quick and easy to set up and there are benefits for both you and your employees.

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