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Attendance on Demand - No IT Costs

Bottom-line Results for your Business
Attendance on Demand is a complete labor cost management system, customized for your organization. You see real-time summaries of worked hours, benefit hours, and employee exceptions. Alerts notify you of conditions that require intervention, such as absences and leave requests. You are also presented with tools to help you make smart decisions about hiring, scheduling, and workforce allocation.

Modules can be added to further customize your Attendance on Demand:

  • Leave Management streamlines time off requests, and makes granting leave more equitable
  • Incidents & Points quantifies positive and negative attendance behavior, giving employees an incentive to follow the rules
  • Coverage Budgets help you control costs even more precisely
  • Accruals automates the way employee time off is calculated, using your company policies

Your organization’s time and attendance needs, and your budget, are taken into consideration at every step of the process.

Fits Any Sized Organization
Any size organization can benefit from Attendance on Demand. Per-employee pricing makes Attendance on Demand a practical choice for the small companies and large corporations, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Smaller organizations benefit greatly from a web-hosted time and attendance service due to the exceptionally low per-employee cost of tracking labor data. Just pay for the time and attendance features you use each month. Small companies don’t have to pay for complicated IT resources or maintenance — our experts handle the details for you. Large companies benefit from our time-tested technology and experience working with complex pay rules. In addition, large organizations can customize user profiles to tailor the user experience for a broad range of system users. Executives, payroll managers, schedulers, system administrators, supervisors, project leaders, and others can have a unique interface that is tailored to improve efficiency and workflow.

Tailored for Supervisors, Payroll Managers, HR Managers and more
Attendance on Demand is uniquely designed to offer supervisors, payroll managers, HR staff and others a customized dashboard of key employee data critical to that person’s responsibility. These dashboards communicate intuitively and display real-time data related to your workforce. Labor activity is monitored in real time, so that deviations are flagged and corrected before exporting to a payroll service or program.

The intuitive graphical dashboard communicates data instantly without extensive navigation. The payroll manager, for instance, sees real time status of control totals and errors, which are flagged for correction before exporting to the payroll service.

Supervisors can instantly see employees who arrived early, were tardy, or left late. The supervisor dashboard monitors staff schedules in real time to enable on-the-fly changes to employee scheduling plans. Dashboards also show a graphical presentation of employee leave requests, employees currently at work, and the number of shifts worked on that day. Supervisors click on any statistic in the dashboard to view details.

Handles Unique Pay Rules and Pay Policies
Attendance on Demand is the most flexible web-hosted time and attendance service on the market, easily handling a variety of complex pay rules, leave policies, rounding policies, scheduling, reporting and more. We work the way you do — and can even help you comply with federal, state and industry labor laws related to overtime and compensation.


  Integration | Security | Compliance | Ease of Use | No IT Costs | A Good Fit
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